# 宅家变美大法 # # 2020新年flag # May is coming to an end. I just hope everyone is safe this year. Hope the riots stop soon. How can a house become beautiful? I just got a spray essence from Korea D'ALBA recently. It is planted because it is said. It is the favorite of flight attendants~ The price is $30. It's also ok. So try a bottle too. As you can see. The top layer of the bottle is golden yellow plant essence. The transparent lower layer is a beauty conditioning liquid. So before use. Shake the bottle. Let the upper and lower layers mix evenly. Then spray on your face. It feels very noticeable after spraying. It's really super moisturizing. It can also make the makeup look more compliant. After a day, the oil output has been greatly reduced. And you can spray it anytime, anywhere. You can spray it with makeup. Really a versatile spray. It's now my new favorite spray serum.
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yami_featured_image # 宅家变美大法 # # 2020新年flag # 五月就要结束了. 只希望今年大家都可以平平安安. 也希望暴乱赶快停止. 宅家怎么变美呢 最近刚到手一款韩国D‘ALBA的喷雾精华水. 被种草是因为说.它是空姐的最爱~ 价格30刀.也ok.所以也来一瓶试试. 大家可以看见.瓶里的上层是金黄色的植物精华. 下层透明的是美容的调理液. 所以在使用前.需要摇一摇瓶子.让上下层均匀的混合. 然后在喷上脸. 喷完可以很明显的感觉.它真的超级保湿. 还可以让妆容变得更服帖. 一天下来出油量真的都大大减少了. 而且随时随地都可以喷.带妆喷都可以哦. 真的是一款百搭的喷雾. 它现在是我的新宠喷雾精华水了.