Weekend parent-child time is here again. I highly recommend [Japanese food play kracie's kitchen DIY crafts] and it is edible. The price is 3.99 per box. When I talk about playing this, the babies can't wait to wash their hands. Then start working. One person I chose a style. For the time being, the waffles haven't started to make. That's mine. OK! I was a little unhappy during the production process☹️. Because they didn't let me help. Said that I had seen youtube videos. I would do it myself. The difference. If I help you do it together, it must be as pretty as the picture on the box~ Although it is good for them to do it by themselves. But I also really want to play. Okay. Humph! Then my favorite is donuts. I highly recommend it. The taste is really not lost to dunkin donuts 🍩 It is super delicious (the girls took a bite for me to eat.) There are many different ingredients in kracie food. I will come next time Buy the ice cream. It should be delicious.
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周末亲子时间又到啦. 超级推荐【日本食玩kracie的厨房DIY手工】 而且这是能吃的哦. 价格一盒3.99. 一说玩这个. 宝贝们就迫不及待的洗好手. 然后开始动工了. 一人选了一个款式. 暂时华夫饼还没开始弄.那是我的.OK! 过在制作的过程我有点不开心☹️. 因为她们都不让我帮忙.说自己看过youtube视频.自己会做.但是明明就不会.然后做出来的那么丑.这就是买家秀和卖家秀区别.如果我帮忙的一起做的话.肯定和盒子图片上一样漂漂~虽然说她们自己动手很好.但是我也很想玩.好嘛.哼! 然后我最喜欢的是donuts这款.超推荐的.味道真的完全不输给dunkin donuts 🍩 超级好吃(闺女们掰了一口给我吃.) kracie食玩还有很多不同食材.下次会买冰淇淋那款.应该很好吃.