Yamibuy shopping for so long Received a box of snacks today, surprised and happy❗️ Also come to post a single 😉 Here is a grand thank you Miss Yami I'm going to start recruiting friends❗️Take it~ 😝 Stay at home and shop online during the epidemic The most enjoyable thing ever❗️ The saliva has a small twist and honey taste, and the taste is crunchy. Delicious 😋, other flavors are also good 😉 Unlimited repurchase of Master Kong iced black tea and jasmine honey tea! The best drink in summer❗️🥰 Lok Kum Kee Milk Flavor Tear Stick Bread🍞 and Cranberry Flavor big bag My two babies love to eat 😋 Baijia Fan Food Every one is delicious 😋 Seasoning packet and sauce packet each There are some fried soybeans in the seasoning bag Zhou Junji's spicy 🌶️ incense pot is full of flavor! 🌶️Spicy pot is really just two words😋 delicious Don't miss it if you like spicy food🌶️😜 Genji Spicy Flakes and Genji Soy Beans The taste is really indescribable! Not only is the size very large looks very satisfied Red and full of cumin Good appetite❗️😋 childhood memories 🥰 # 元气亚米红 # # 即食美味 # # 一秒变好吃 # # 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 今天也是yami的一天 #
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yami_featured_image 亚米网购物这么久 今天收到一箱零食惊喜又开心❗️ 也来晒单一次😉 在这里隆重的谢谢亚米大小姐 我要开始放大招啦朋友们❗️接招吧~ 😝 疫情期间宅在家里网购 最令人心情愉悦的事情了❗️ 口水小麻花蜂蜜味口感酥酥的, 很好吃😋,其他口味也不错😉 康师傅冰红茶和茉莉蜜茶等等无限回购! 夏天喝最爽了❗️🥰 乐锦记奶香味撕棒面包🍞和蔓越莓味 好大一包 我家两个宝贝很喜欢吃😋 白家粉丝食品 每一款都好吃😋 调料包跟酱料包各一份 调料包里有些许炒过的黄豆 周君记麻辣🌶️香锅味道十足! 🌶️麻辣香锅真的就两个字😋好吃 喜欢吃辣🌶️的小伙伴不要错过呦😜 源氏大辣片和源氏大豆筋大爆款 味道是真的太一言难尽了! 不仅size特别大 看上去还特别满足 红红火火的裹满了孜然 好有食欲❗️😋 童年的回忆🥰 # 元气亚米红 # # 即食美味 # # 一秒变好吃 # # 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 今天也是yami的一天 #