The magic mirror said that after applying it, you are Snow White with the brightest skin👸🏻✨ The legendary small light bulb, the Japanese magic mirror mask, the essence is very rich, the cotton mask paper has a great texture, and it is not sticky at all. I usually use the mask to wash off the essence, especially I don’t like the sticky essence in The feeling on my face, I don't have the urge to wash off the essence after applying this product. It feels very comfortable after a few massages. I just finished applying it and my skin tone is brightened. I like it very much. I will repurchase this. , or with whitening Japanese medicine, the wall is highly recommended 🉑 # 宅家变美大法 # # 面膜控 # # 面膜不要停 #
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魔镜说,敷完你就是皮肤最亮的白雪公主👸🏻✨ 传说中的小灯泡,日本魔镜面膜,精华很足,纯棉面膜纸质感很棒,完全不会粘腻,平时敷完面膜都会习惯把精华洗掉,特别不喜欢那种粘腻精华在脸上的感觉,这款敷了之后完全没有想要洗掉精华的冲动,按摩几下感觉很舒服,刚刚敷完肤色有提亮,整体蛮喜欢的,会回购,美白面膜会锁定这款,还是日本医药用美白,墙烈推荐🉑# 宅家变美大法 # # 面膜控 # # 面膜不要停 #