It has been a while since the last large-scale stockpiling, and this one is still aimed at snacks and heavy goods 🐽 The logistics this time were not worrying, and it was delivered quietly in less than a week. The date of the goods is still very fresh~ Except for a packet of glass-hearted yuba that was slightly broken, all other goods arrived in my hands (zui) safely. Especially with the Mushroom Laoganma, I am so happy!
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距离上一次大规模囤货已经有一段时间了,这个还是朝准了零食类和重口的方向出击🐽 这次的物流居然没有扎心,不到一周静悄悄地就送到了。货品的日期还是很新鲜的哦~ 除了一包玻璃心的腐竹有些碎以外,其他货品都安安全全的到了我手(zui)里. 尤其是有了香菇老干妈,太开心了!