Taiwanese pork noodles can be eaten either soaked or boiled. The easiest way to eat it is to eat it dry. If it tastes good, you can eat it directly. It is very convenient and crispy and delicious. There are not many seasonings for pork noodles, only one salt packet and one pork oil packet. A simple and bland lunch can add an egg 🥚 or lunch meat and vegetables to make a rich Hong Kong style lunch 🥣 # 亚米食谱 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation84b025c2a6cf422283
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台湾肉燥面 可以泡着吃 也可以煮着吃 最简单的吃法就是干吃 如果好吃可以直接吃 很方便 还香香脆脆的很不错👍 肉燥面调料不多 只有一个盐包和一个肉燥油包 简单平淡的一顿午餐 可以加个鸡蛋🥚或者午餐肉青菜就可以搞成一顿丰富的港风午餐🥣# 亚米食谱 # # 温暖小厨房 #