This little face is unexpected First of all, the portion is super enough, enough to eat and full to support Add some vegetables and eggs🥚 to supplement nutrition, you can also add some tomatoes🍅 beef tendon balls and fried eggs🍳 are also good choices This is the larger version, the oil bag is also very rich, the chili is super addictive, the taste is super spicy and super cool, although it may be a little bit choking However, the surface can then chewiness A little long to cook a bit soft # 温暖小厨房 # # 即食美味 # # 今天也是yami的一天 #
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这款小面出乎意料啊 首先吧分量超级足 足够吃的饱饱撑撑的 加点青菜和鸡蛋🥚 补充营养 也可以加点西红柿🍅牛筋丸 煎蛋🍳也是不错的选择 这是加大分量版本 油包也很足 辣椒超级过瘾 超辣超爽的口感 虽然可能会有点点被呛到了 不过面可以再筋道一点 面煮久了有点软# 温暖小厨房 # # 即食美味 # # 今天也是yami的一天 #