Jinzai dried bean curd It is endorsed by idol 🤩 To be honest, it tastes more like dried eggs. Personally, I prefer to eat shredded beef jerky. It is the kind of thick, irregular shape, and it feels like a lotus root when you bite into it. This kind of bite is clean and the cross section is smooth and smooth, I can only give it four stars It may be too thick, so the skin is tasty, the inside is not very tasty, and it is a bit like the taste of marinated eggs. It also said that it is a recommended snack # 今天也是yami的一天 # # 即食美味
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劲仔豆干 是爱豆🤩代言的 实话说口感更像是鸡蛋干 个人更喜欢吃手撕牛肉豆干 就是那种厚厚的 形状不规则 咬起来一丝丝有种藕段丝连的感觉 这种属于咬起来干净利落 横截面光光滑滑的感觉 只能给打四颗星了 可能太厚了 所以表皮是入味的 内里还不是很入味 也有点像卤鸡蛋的那种口感 还说推荐的一款零食# 今天也是yami的一天 # # 即食美味 #