The day I received Yami was a happy day 😄❤️ After so long, I finally found a milk green, can't wait to try it If you can't eat Zhou Hei Ya, you can only rely on Zhou Hei Ya-flavored potato chips to satisfy your hunger As soon as summer arrives (although it seems that summer is almost over?), you miss the turtle paste, and it feels dark and anticipating with my favorite matcha? I finally got the meat muffins that have always been in the limelight, a big box feels like it will take a long time to eat Due to the epidemic, logistics has been slow recently, but the wait is worth it! # 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 开箱晒货 #
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收到亚米的一天是幸福的一天😄❤️ 这么久终于找到了一款奶绿,迫不及待准备尝尝 吃不到周黑鸭只能靠周黑鸭味的薯片解解馋 一到夏天(虽然貌似夏天就快结束了?)就想念龟苓膏,配上我最爱的抹茶感觉又黑暗又期待? 终于入手了一直风头很大的肉松饼,一大盒感觉要吃好久 最近因为疫情物流感觉慢了些,但等待都是值得哒! # 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 开箱晒货 #