🌈 Those who love to watch Korean dramas should have seen that Koreans really like this kind of supplements~ Among them, the love of girls is vitamin C!!! 🌈 I know a super beautiful Korean lady who always has this vitamin C in her bag. I was really curious and got to know her about it. She also gave me a sample to try, and I went to Yami immediately! 🌈The main function of vitamin c is to improve immunity and antioxidant! It will also whiten and fade spots... If you want good skin and good health, vitamin c intake is necessary! But often we don’t get enough from food in a day. 🌟Erom+ Yiren brand is very popular in South Korea, the price is right and the quality is good, one pack of strips is individually packaged, one pack a day is enough! The amount is very well controlled. The Korean strip design is really well done. It is easy to tear and ready to eat! Super convenient! 🌟It is filled with berry pink particles, which tastes like eating fruit candy! Sweet and sour, melts in your mouth, very delicious, but unfortunately you can only eat one a day (vitamin C is very important but not too much) 🌟I have fallen in love with it, it is very convenient and delicious, you can tear it apart at any time, it will whiten and lighten spots and be healthy~ # 宅家变美大法 # # 双十一必囤 ## 即食美味 # # 被二哥种草了 #
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🌈爱看韩剧的应该都见过韩国人真的很喜欢这种条条的补品~其中女孩们的挚爱就是维c!!! 🌈认识一个超美韩国小姐姐包里总放着这个维c, 实在好奇就跟她了解了解,她还给了我一条试吃,马上就上亚米入了! 🌈维c主要作用是提高免疫力和抗氧化!还会美白淡斑……想要皮肤好,身体好,维c摄入很必要!但是往往我们一天中从食物中摄取的量是不够的~ 🌟Erom+益人品牌在韩国很受亲睐,价格合适品质好,条状一包包独立包装,每天一包足矣!量很好把控,韩国这种条装设计真的做得特别好,很好撕开,即食!超级方便! 🌟里面是莓果粉色的颗粒,味道很像吃果汁糖!酸酸甜甜的,入口即化,很好吃,只可惜每天只能吃一条(维c很重要但也不能过量) 🌟已经爱上了,很方便,有好吃,随时撕开来一条,美白淡斑还保健~ # 宅家变美大法 # # 双十一必囤 ## 即食美味 # # 被二哥种草了 #