Originally I just wanted to buy Vita's milk tea (finally restocked 😤 It's really delicious 😋), and then I thought to collect the order for free shipping I didn't expect it to be another big box 😅 Well... I really am the hoarder king The packaging is very strong this time, the boxed items are not crushed, and they are sent quickly 🥰
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本來只是想買維他的奶茶(終於補貨了 😤真的太好喝啦😋),然後想著來湊湊單免運吧 沒想到隨便又是一大箱 😅 嗯...我果然是囤貨大王 這次包裝很給力,盒裝的物品都沒被壓到,而且很快就寄到了 🥰