Beauty|ONEDAY美白 Milk (for face + body) Kangkang, my real shot, 美白, the effect is definitely there, feel free to enter. However, its 美白 is temporary, this is not a skin care product, it will not completely change the skin tone, everyone understands it as a liquid foundation or a makeup cream. The lotion is milky white with pink pearlescent particles. It will be false white when it is first applied, but it will gradually merge with the skin tone after a few minutes. I like to use it on the neck to reduce the color difference of the face and neck. The most important thing is that it will not dye the collar yellow like the liquid foundation. In addition, it can be applied to the places with heavy melanin deposition such as elbows and knees. Oneday美白 There are three types of milk, only one of which has a sunscreen function, but Yami has never sold it. ⚠️ Not friendly to dry skin, I have very dry skin, even a little peeling after use, it is not recommended to use it on the face. ⚠️ It is recommended to wash off before going to bed. # 身体乳 ## 美白 # # 日本护肤品 # # 美妆护肤种草 # # 我要上精选 #
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美妆|ONEDAY美白乳(面部+身体通用) 康康我的实拍图叭,美白效果肯定有,放心入。 不过它的美白是暂时的,这不是护肤品,不会彻底改变肤色,大家把它理解成粉底液或者素颜霜就行。 乳液是奶白色的,有粉色珠光颗粒,刚涂抹时会有假白,但几分钟后会逐渐与肤色融合,时间越长,白的越得自然,不油不腻,非常干爽。 我最爱拿来涂脖子,减少面颈色差,最重要是它不会像粉底液那样把衣领染黄,另外还可以涂抹手肘、膝盖等黑色素沉积重的地方。 Oneday美白乳有三款,其中只有一款有防晒功能,但是Yami一直无售。 ⚠️ 对干皮不友好,本人大干皮,用完甚至有点起皮,不建议用在脸上。 ⚠️ 建议睡前洗卸。 # 身体乳 ## 美白 # # 日本护肤品 # # 美妆护肤种草 # # 我要上精选 #