-Korea's NatureRepublic Hydrating Aloe Vera Gel is super hydrating, saving my dry skin, and the skin is now moisturized every day. The important thing is that it is cheap, and it has been used instead of lamer sooner or later. Will repurchase indefinitely. -Thai MAMA instant noodles are sour and spicy, appetizing and delicious, and you won't get tired or salty after eating. Will repurchase indefinitely. -Anmuxi yogurt, domestic flavor, thick and fruity, delicious. -Yuanqi Forest White Peach Flavor Soda Sparkling Water, the peach flavor is very strong, 0 sugar is slightly sweet, I like sparkling water for the first time without drinking sparkling water. -Hong Kong VITASOY Vitasoy, not sweet and delicious, with strong bean flavor, even the original flavor and black bean flavor are indistinguishable, both are delicious! - Hainan Coconut Brand Coconut Juice is still the taste in my memory, not sweet and delicious. - Japanese Sangaria black tea Ji milk tea strawberry flavor, strawberry-flavored milk, milky and silky, a touch of sweetness, I like it. -Master Kong 3+2 soda sandwich biscuits lemon flavor, the taste in memory, not sweet, lemon flavor is very fresh, never get tired of eating, it is my favorite biscuits. -Master Kong's sweet and crisp sandwich biscuits have hazelnut chocolate flavor. The hazelnut flavor is not strong, but it is covered by the chocolate flavor. -Master Kong Miaofu taro milk flavor, not as sweet compared to American muffin, the taro flavor is quite strong, it melts in the mouth, and the mouth and teeth are fragrant after eating. - Master Kong's Love Ball chocolate taste melts in your mouth, the chocolate taste is quite strong, and it is a little sweet after eating. -Xiangxiangzui shredded vegetarian meat, can't find a substitute for Xiangxiangzui skewers. It's a bit like skewers, it's a little oily and fragrant. It's delicious and addicting. I can't stop one packet after another. The charcoal barbecue tastes more spicy. -Jinduigu hand-ground dried tofu, full of five flavors, not oily, very tender and delicious. -Haidilao red onion and soybean sauce, sweet and numb, not too spicy or too salty, the soybean particles are plump and soft, and the bibimbap is delicious. # 今天也是yami的一天 #
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-韩国NatureRepublic补水芦荟胶超级补水,拯救了我的大干皮,皮肤现在每天都是润润的。重要是便宜啊,已经代替lamer早晚使用了。会无限回购。 -泰国MAMA泡面酸酸辣辣,开胃好吃,吃完不腻也不会觉得咸。会无限回购。 -安慕希酸奶,国内的味道,浓稠果味十足,好喝。 -元气森林白桃味苏打气泡水,桃子味很浓郁,0糖微甜,不喝气泡水的我第一次喜欢气泡水。 -香港VITASOY维他奶,不甜好喝,豆味浓郁,就是原味和黑豆味喝不出什么区别,都好喝! -海南椰树牌椰汁,仍然是记忆中的味道,不甜好喝。 -日本Sangaria红茶姬奶茶草莓味,草莓味的牛奶,奶香丝滑,淡淡的甜味,喜欢。 -康师傅3+2苏打夹心饼干柠檬味,记忆中的味道,不甜,柠檬味很清新,永远吃不腻呀,是我最爱的饼干了。 -康师傅甜酥夹心饼干榛子巧克力味,榛子味不浓,都被巧克力味盖住了,不功不过,不出彩。 -康师傅妙芙香芋牛奶味,跟美国muffin比没那么甜,香芋味蛮浓的,入口即化,吃完唇齿留香。 -康师傅乐芙球巧克力味,入口即化,巧克力味蛮浓的,吃到后面有点甜。 -香香嘴手撕素肉,找不到香香嘴串烧买的替代品。跟串烧有点像,有点油很香,好吃上瘾一包接一包停不下来🤣碳香烧烤口味比较辣。 -金堆谷手磨豆干,五香味十足,不油,很嫩Q弹好吃。 -海底捞红葱黄豆佐餐酱,甜甜的麻麻的,不辣也不会太咸,黄豆颗粒饱满软糯,拌饭好吃。 # 今天也是yami的一天 #