# 2020新年flag # Check in in November. Y·Q is not over yet. So disinfection and sterilization cannot be stopped. Hand sanitizer is an indispensable product on my desk. With it, the heart is at ease. for work reasons. I'm really in touch with cash too often. Every time you touch the money, you need to disinfect it. So the amount is very large. Last week, I saw a discount on this Korean SUNGSU hand sanitizer from Yamibuy.com. Try a bottle now. Contains 62% ethanol. Can effectively kill 99.9% bacteria. It tastes like alcohol. But not too exciting. And no hand washing is required. It dries quickly too. It's very comfortable to use. Check it out. This product is certified by the Korea Food and Drug Administration KFDA. No additives such as fluorescent agents, preservatives, etc. The ingredients are safe. I quite like it. It is also recommended for children in need.
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yami_featured_image # 2020新年flag # 11月打卡. Y·Q还未结束.所以消毒杀菌不能停. 免洗洗手液是我办公桌上不可缺少的一件产品. 有了它心才安心. 因为工作原因. 我真的太经常接触cash啦. 每次摸完钱.就要消消毒. 所以用量非常大. 上周看亚米网的这款韩国SUNGSU免洗洗手液打折. 立马来一瓶试试. 含62%乙醇. 能有效杀死99.9%细菌. 味道虽有酒精味. 但是不算太刺激. 而且无需手洗. 干的也很快速. 用着很舒服. 查了下. 这款是通过韩国食品医药品安全厅KFDA认证的. 不含荧光剂防腐剂等添加物. 成分很安全. 我还蛮喜欢的. 也推荐给有需要的宝宝.