# 世界对你狂轰乱炸 亚米给你花式快乐 # At the beginning of the year, there was a period of very poor sleep When I close my eyes at night, a lot of things What's important is not important, I've been rehearsing in my head Later recommended by a friend Kao steam eye mask The warm steam ➕ the pleasant rose fragrance will never be inseparable from it I also recommend it to my friends, all of them use it quickly! A box of 12 pieces, a variety of fragrance options, different functions Rose scented to relieve fatigue and remove dark circles One-time use, light weight, easy to carry, can be used anytime, anywhere Take out the eye mask and hang it on both ears The eye mask is very soft and slowly starts to heat up a little but it doesn't feel hot Wear it before going to bed, and the whole person will relax with the heat, which will breed drowsiness I can't say it's effective, but it's really good for sleep I don't expect to get rid of dark circles or anything, I just want to be able to sleep peacefully enough! An average knife is more than this price/performance ratio 🉑️! As the saying goes, sleep is also a practice Forgive everything before going to bed, wake up without asking about the past
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yami_featured_image # 世界对你狂轰乱炸 亚米给你花式快乐 # 年初时有段时间睡眠特差特差 夜里一闭上眼睛 一大堆的事情 重要的不重要 一直在脑袋瓜里演练在演练 后来经朋友推荐花王蒸汽眼罩 温润的蒸汽➕怡人的玫瑰香 从此就离不开它了 还推荐给身边的小伙伴们 个个都用得很快落! 一盒12枚装 多款香型选择 功能也不一样 玫瑰香型 缓解疲劳去黑眼圈 一次性使用 重量很轻 携带方便 随时随地都可以用 取出眼罩 挂在双耳上即可 眼罩很柔软 慢慢的开始微微发热 但不会感觉烫 睡前戴上 随着热度整个人也会放松下来 滋生睡意 不能说一用就有效 但确实好入眠 去黑眼圈啥的我不指望 只希望能安然入睡足矣! 一枚平均一刀多 这个性价比🉑️! 俗话说得好 睡觉也是一场修行 睡前原谅一切 醒来不问过往