Yuan Xian's hot pot Kuanfen was recommended by the family around him say so delicious Yami has been out of stock some time ago first time replenishment Just got two packs Yuan Xian Hot Pot Wide Noodles There is a packet of spicy sauce in it A packet of bread flour A packet of seasoning powder Hot pot wide noodles It's easy to cook After the water is boiled, add the flour After a few minutes of cooking, take a piece to see if it is cooked Once cooked, take it out and put it in a bowl for later use Boil another pot of water I don't think there are any side dishes I added fungus in it Added some zucchini After cooking, add seasoning powder and spicy sauce packet If the taste is ok, pour it into the wide flour Just put the cilantro and you're done Yuan Xian's Mala Sauce Bao is a very fragrant and spicy flavor. I like it very much This is the spiciness I usually want to eat I like it very much One that will definitely be repurchased Because of this wide powder, I bought other products of Yuan Xian's family one after another. Ready to eat "Yuan Xian" 😄# 2020亚米惊喜瞬间 #
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袁鲜家的火锅宽粉是被身边家人推荐的 说特么的好吃 前段时间亚米一直断货 补货的第一时间 马上就入了两包 袁鲜火锅宽粉 里面有一包麻辣酱料包 一包宽粉 一包调味粉包 火锅宽粉 煮法挺简单的 烧开水之后加入宽粉 煮几分钟之后夹一条看看熟了没有 熟了之后捞起放碗里备用 再烧一锅水 我觉得没什么配菜 我就往里面加了木耳 加了点丝瓜 煮好之后加入调料粉和麻辣酱包 尝下味道OK的话倒入宽粉里面 放上香菜就搞定了 袁鲜的麻辣酱包是属于非常香的麻辣味 我很是喜欢 这就是我平常想要吃到的辣味 好喜欢好喜欢了 一定会回购的一款 因为这个宽粉陆续买了袁鲜家的其他产品 准备吃遍“袁鲜”😄# 2020亚米惊喜瞬间 #