# 2020亚米惊喜瞬间 # Liang Chengmei biangbiang noodles ✨I really didn’t know what to eat this morning, I suddenly remembered this trousers noodle that Yami bought as a gift, and quickly took it out and tried it😃 ✨In the box, there are a total of 1 packet of noodles, 1 packet of sauce, 1 packet of chili oil ➕ 1 packet of dried tofu. This noodle is really wide, and it will become wider after cooking, but it is not too thick. If it is cooked with chopsticks, it will be easily torn into two pieces from the middle. Stir occasionally to prevent sticking to the bottom. After 7-8 minutes of cooking, take it out and mix with all the seasonings. 🍀 Although the noodles are very wide, the taste is not strong. I don’t think the seasoning is too fragrant. It is basically soy sauce➕ chili oil. This chili oil is a little spicy but neither fragrant nor numb. Dried bean curd is the kind of snack dried tofu with a little obvious artificial flavor. Not too tasty, not too bad
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yami_featured_image # 2020亚米惊喜瞬间 # 良呈美biangbiang面 ✨今天早上实在不知道吃啥了,突然想起来之前亚米买赠的这个裤带面,赶紧拿出来试试😃 ✨盒子里一共一包面,一包酱料,一包辣油➕一小包豆腐干。这个面是真的很宽,煮完以后还要变得更宽,但是不太厚,煮好以后用筷子捞的话容易从中间撕开成两条🙈面比较容易粘连,最好一片一片下,不时搅一下防止粘底。煮7、8分钟以后捞出来拌上所有调料就好了。 🍀面虽然很宽但是口感并不劲道,调料我觉得不太香诶,基本就是酱油味➕辣椒油,这个辣油有一点辣度但是不香也不麻。豆腐干就是那种人工味有点明显的零食豆腐干的味道。不算很好吃也不算难吃