Order on the 21st, you will be delivered on the 23rd! I love this speed, I hope Yami's new year will be better and better! No damage packaging is super nice! Shanghai Wanqian Biscuits are so good, I tried it for the first time, with a light scallion flavor. Qingtuan is also delicious, I hope to replenish the sesame flavor, the powdered mouse and bamboo rice are perfect😍😍# 高颜值美食 #
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21号下单,你23号就送到了!这速度爱了爱了,希望亚米新的一年越来越好!没有损坏包装超级好!上海万年前饼干太好吧,我第一次尝试的,淡淡香葱味。青团也好好吃,希望补货芝麻味的,粉耗子和竹筒饭完美😍😍# 高颜值美食 #