Is Huaxi Powder still a childhood memory? When I was a child, Huaxi Noodles got old, and I liked to eat their appetizing cabbage the most. This time I saw that it was actually sold and quickly started. 3 packets of seasoning packets ➕ 2 packets of dried vegetables ➕ 1 packet of rice noodles. There are two ways to eat dry scoop and soup powder on the package. Both are soaked in hot water for 2 minutes ⌛️ It will naturally disperse and then the dry package will be stirred evenly. Personally, it is recommended to boil it with hot water, which is faster and more delicious. ✅It is still the soup powder in memory. ⭕️ The side dishes are rather tasteless. # 亚米宝藏新品大赏 #
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花溪粉还是童年的记忆吗 小时候花溪粉老🔥了,最最最喜欢吃他家开胃的包菜。 这次看到居然有卖赶紧入手。 3包调料包➕2包蔬菜干包➕一包米粉。 包装上有干捞和汤粉两个吃法,都是把粉泡入热水2分钟⌛️自然散开再加干包搅拌均匀。 个人建议还是用热水煮开,比较快也比较好吃。 ✅还是记忆中的汤粉。 ⭕️ 配菜比较鸡肋。 # 亚米宝藏新品大赏 #