# 亚米年度美妆大赏 # The cotton pads that I love infinitely repurchase belong to Unicharm, there is no one! Super water-saving cotton pad, the first place in the cosme award~~ I bought it at Yamibuy a long time ago, and I haven't bought a second brand since I used it~~ The size of 70mm*58mm is very easy to use. , suitable for wiping lotion, makeup remover, nail polish remover, etc. The texture of this cotton pad is more like a sponge than ordinary cotton pads, and about one-third of the usual amount of lotion is enough, super saving. There is a dotted line in the middle of each cotton pad, which can be split into 2 sheets. If it is used to apply a water film locally, it is also possible. It is a thin layer, which is very docile. Anyway, it is easy to use. It does not dry as fast as some cotton pads, and it is not afraid of lint. Recommended index: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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yami_featured_image # 亚米年度美妆大赏 # 大爱无限回购的化妆棉属于尤妮佳,没有之一!超级省水化妆棉,cosme大赏第一位~~很早之前在亚米秒杀买过,自从那次用过之后就没有再买第二个牌子啦~~70mm*58mm的尺寸使用起来很顺手,适合擦拭化妆水、卸妆、卸甲油等。 这款化妆棉质地比起普通化妆棉更像海绵,而且化妆水大概只要平常的三分之一的量就够了,超级省量👍 每片化妆棉中间有虚线,可拆分成2张。如果用来局部敷水膜的话也是可以的,薄薄的一层,很服帖,反正敲好用就是了~不像有的化妆棉干的那么快,也不怕掉棉絮。 推荐指数:🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟