# 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 # 🎐 I am also a mother who wakes up at 6 o'clock in the morning🕕 to fry fritters for her baby! The first time I got up early and ate my freshly baked fritters from Lazy Mom, I must record it! The Joyoung Soybean Milk Machine arrived a while ago, and the soybeans also arrived, and immediately arranged the "Soybean Milk Fritters" full of vitality✌🏻 🎐 The fritters are made up the night before and put in the refrigerator to wake up overnight. Take it out the next morning and warm it up a little before shaping it before frying, which is very convenient. I did it a while ago and it failed. I think it was the baking powder that failed. This time I replaced it with the new [Rizheng · Baking Powder] that Yami bought and it was very successful! 🎐I soaked the soybeans the night before, turn on the soymilk machine before frying the fried dough sticks in the morning, I used 7/10 cups of soybeans, soak them fully, choose the wet bean mode, 800ml water, about 20 minutes, the fragrant soymilk is ready! Then automatically enter the cleaning mode, about 8 minutes, the cleaning is very clean, very powerful!
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yami_featured_image # 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 # 🎐我也当一回早起六点🕕起床给娃炸油条的妈了!第一次早起吃上懒妈我新鲜出锅的油条,必须要记录一下!前一阵Joyoung九阳豆浆机到了,黄豆也到了,立刻安排上元气满满的「豆浆油条」✌🏻 🎐油条的面前一天晚上和好放冰箱冷藏醒发一宿,第二天早上拿出来稍微回温一下整形就可以炸了,很方便。前一阵我做了一次失败了,我觉得是泡打粉失效了,这次换了亚米新买的【日正·泡打粉】非常的成功! 🎐前一天晚上泡了黄豆,早上炸油条前开启豆浆机,我用的7/10杯黄豆,充分泡发,选湿豆模式,800ml水,大概20分钟,香浓豆浆就好啦!然后自动进入清洁模式,大概8分钟,清洗的很干净,十分给力!