# 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 # Bawang's hair growth and anti-hair loss shampoo set I have written before, this time I am here to write about my experience after using two bottles. Haha I have to say that this is really an excellent shampoo set , as if it was tailor-made for my hair quality 😄 I have fine and soft hair and prone to oil, so I am more prone to hair loss. Before, my hair was always black and rough, because it was destroyed by a perm 🤦‍♀️The hair quality has undergone a fundamental change since then (I also think this is amazing, it is always an unsolved mystery) Anyway, I have embarked on a long journey of looking for anti-hair loss products... There are countless brands of shampoo and hair care products that I have used. 💰It is natural to spend a lot of money, but it is basically useless. They are all good at the beginning, and then they are useless... But I really want to call it for Bawang, (I don’t care 👀) It’s the kind of product that won’t make you feel amazing to use at the beginning, but the effect will come out over time. I have used up two bottles, and now I have opened the third bottle. I personally feel that the hair is slowly injected with nutrients with each shampoo, and slowly begins to recover. Although it will not be immediate, the improvement can be seen. I also especially like the scalp nutrient solution. Every time I wash my hair, I will spray a little on the scalp while it is semi-dry. After drying, the hair becomes fluffy and strong. The strong smell of Chinese medicine is also reassuring. . In the past, the problem of hair loss really hurt my self-esteem. Every time I looked in the mirror, I was in a bad mood. I was envious of other people's thick hair, but I went bald further and further... But now I have regained my confidence, I firmly believe that one day my hair will grow back, everything is worth perseverance, I will insist on using this set of Bawang, and slowly grow my hair back ❤️
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yami_featured_image # 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 # 霸王的这款育发防脱洗发水套装之前我已经有写过晒单,这次是来写用完两瓶之后的心得体会的哈哈 不得不说这真的是一款很优秀的洗发水套装,仿佛就是为我的发质量身定做的😄我是细软发质且易出油,所以也比较容易掉发,之前我的头发一直是乌黑且粗硬的那种,就是因为一次烫发给烫毁了🤦‍♀️导致到后来发质都发生了根本性的改变(这我也是觉得很神奇,始终是个未解之谜) Anyway从此我就走上了漫漫寻觅防脱生发产品的道路… 用过的洗发护发产品的品牌已经多的数不清了,💰钱呢自然也是花了不少,但基本也没什么用,都是一开始使用效果好,后来就无功无过了…但是霸王我真的是要为它打call,(我不是托👀)它是那种不会一开始就会让你使用感惊艳觉得好到爆表,但是久而久之效果就会出来的产品。本人已经用完了两瓶,现在开启了第三瓶,个人感觉头发随着每次的洗头,慢慢注入营养,慢慢开始恢复,虽然不会立竿见影,但改善是可以看得见的。我还特别喜欢那个头皮营养液,每次洗完头我都会趁着半干状态往头皮喷上一点,吹干之后头发就变得蓬松且强韧🥰浓浓的中药味闻着也令人安心。 之前因为掉头发这个问题真的很打击自尊心,每次照镜子心情都很不好,羡慕别人一头浓密的秀发,自己却往秃头道路越走越远…但是现在我又重新拾起了信心,坚信有一天我的头发会长回来的,凡事都贵在坚持,我会坚持使用霸王这款套装,慢慢养回我的头发❤️