It is safe to be surrounded by delicious food. [Shy] @美米网 I panic when the cabinets are not full, and I have to keep them in boxes when there is nowhere to put them [bad]. #YamiSnack Cabinet# Since Yami got snail noodles [color], I have become more and more interested in cooking [applause], especially boiled eggs. [laughs cry] Comments and opinions are welcome. [Glutton]@American Yami Network ​​​​
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被好吃的包围着才有安全感。[害羞]@美国亚米网 柜子塞不满就发慌,还要塞到没地方塞要用箱子备存[衰]。#亚米零食柜#自从亚米上了螺蛳粉[色],不爱下厨的我变得对煮东西越来越有兴趣了[鼓掌],特别是煮流心蛋。[笑cry]欢迎各种评论跟意见。[馋嘴]@美国亚米网 ​​​​