A carbonated water drink that continues to be repurchased on Yamibuy Claimed to be zero fat 💕 zero calories 💕 sugar free Sounds guilt-free! It's effortless to drink! The flavor choices are diverse, I chose the most popular white peach flavor & grape flavor! In one day, I drank two flavors! First of all, their appearance is online, full of girlishness 💕💕 As soon as the lid was opened, a burst of bubbles of carbonated beverages poured out! It struck me a bit, and then quickly faded away. It doesn't have the strong smell of Coke that you usually drink. The fresh and sweet white peach & grape flavor is full of taste! Want to consume a lot less energy than other carbonated beverages Equivalent to running seven kilometers, swimming for two hours, skipping rope for one hour After reading this subtext, I decided to drink it in addition to drinking water Highly recommend to all girls 💕💕 # 亚米神仙减肥好物 #
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亚米上持续回购的一款碳酸水饮料 号称零脂肪💕零卡路里💕无糖份 听起来毫无罪恶感!喝起来毫无负担! 味道选择多样化,我选择了最热门的白桃味&葡萄味!一天内,畅饮了两款口味!首先,它们的颜值在线,满满的少女感💕💕 一开盖,满满的一股碳酸饮料的气泡涌上来!有点震撼到我,然后很快又消下去了。倒也没有平常喝的可乐那种的浓浓气体感。清新甜甜的白桃&葡萄味倒是感受到满满的! 想比其它碳酸饮料,少摄入了很多能量 相当于跑步七公里,游泳两小时,跳绳一小时 看完这潜台词,决定除喝水就喝它了 强烈推荐给各位女生们💕💕 # 亚米神仙减肥好物 #