Taking advantage of the discount on the live broadcast a few days ago, I bought a Bio-E and gave a refrigerator magnet from Yibo. It feels like ordinary milk tablets, sour and sweet. Because I'm not sure which flavor is delicious, I tried them all, and they all feel good. If the effect is good, I'll try it first. Pear cream lollipops are not very recommended, there is only a small bag of pear cream in it, other lollipops feel like maltose. Originally, the throat has been uncomfortable recently, and I plan to buy it to moisten the throat. I don't recommend it. The strawberry one is more recommended for cocoa. I bought the cocoa first and then the white chocolate. The cocoa seems to be a bit more, and I may prefer chocolate flavors and eat less white chocolate.
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趁着前几天直播有折扣,买了Bio-E还送了一博的冰箱贴,感觉跟普通奶片一样,酸酸甜甜挺好入口。因为不确定哪种口味好吃所以都入了,感觉都不错,效果的话我先试试再说。 梨膏棒棒糖不是很推荐,里面只有一小袋梨膏,其他的棒棒糖感觉像麦芽糖。本来最近喉咙不舒服,打算买来润润嗓子的,不大推荐。 草莓那个比较推荐可可的,我先买了可可的再买的白巧,可可的好像多一点,而且我个人可能偏巧克力口味,吃白巧少些。