Yamu wireless shipped pickled bamboo shoots finally replenished, ah, ah (gratitude, zero), can't wait for noon is a bag, so delicious, I thought it is very rich like old altar. The sour taste is actually fragrant after cooking. The soup is light chicken soup with the taste of pickled peppers. The pickled bamboo shoots in the seasoning package contain several bamboo shoots and a mini pickled pepper. The noodles are no different from other flavors of Master Kong's noodles, and they are strong. You can add veggies or chicken nuggets or something. Great taste 🎉👍🎊
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亚米上无线断货的泡椒竹笋鸡面终于补货了啊啊啊啊啊啊(感激涕零)迫不及待中午是吃了一袋,好吃飞起来👻👻👻 本以为像老坛酸菜那种非常浓郁的酸味,实则煮好后扑鼻的清香。汤是清淡的鸡汤加上泡椒的味道,调料包里面的泡椒竹笋包有几条竹笋和一颗迷你小泡椒。面和康师傅其他味道的面饼无差,算是劲道。自己可以再加青菜或是鸡丝鸡块什么的。味道棒棒哒🎉👍🎊