It's easy to use~~ The more I use it, the more I find it easier to use the Albion penetrating milk, because I am a mixed oily, so I bought this for blending. It's really great, after wiping the skin is soft and moisturizing, and then use the healthy water as a wet compress. I have been using it for exactly one month (hahahaha I have never insisted on using skin care products before), and I feel that the combination skin is really slowly reconciling. recommend!
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好用上天~~ 越用越觉得好用的Albion渗透乳,因为我是混合偏油所以买了这款做调和。真的很棒,擦完皮肤软软的,很滋润,然后用健康水做湿敷。 坚持用了正好一个月(哈哈哈哈之前护肤品从来没有坚持用下来),感觉混合肤质真的有在慢慢调和。推荐!