🍋White Conc Moisturizing and Whitening Body Wash🍋 Cosme Award No. 1, removes body dirt while taking away the aging keratin including melanin, making the skin moisturizing and whitening, containing lemon extract to inhibit the production of melanin. And you can smell the strong vitamin C smell. The shower gel contains exfoliating ingredients and whitening effects. It is not recommended to use it every day. Use it every two days.
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🍋White Conc 滋润美白沐浴液🍋 Cosme大赏1位,去除身体污垢的同时带走含有黑色素在内的老化角质,让肌肤变得滋润嫩白,内含柠檬萃取精华,抑制黑色素生成。 而且闻得到浓浓的维C味道,沐浴露内含去角质成分和嫩白的功效,不建议每天使用,每隔两天使用一次。