For short hair, all 3 packs in the package are used. (It is said to be pure plant dyeing hair, the paste is sticky and needs to be massaged more, and some fine particles are visible to the naked eye when washing) Be sure to wipe around the ears, around the face, and on the edge of the neck near the hair root Vaseline or moisturizer, because its paste is a little bit hard to wash off. 3n is the darkest shade, the fake black one, I like it, just wash it off. Covering white hair is also good. According to your own hair color, you can also choose a brown hair coloring paste. Small brushes are not very useful for brushing hair roots. give it a like. # 亚米宝藏新品大赏 # # Happy order Happy life! #
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短发发量,包装里面各3包全用了。(说是纯植物染发,膏体粘稠,需要多按摩,洗的时候肉眼可见的一些细小颗粒状物)一定要把耳朵周围还有脸周围,和脖子靠近发根的边边都要抹一抹凡士林或者润肤霜,因为它的膏体稍微有点洗不掉。3n的色号是最黑的了,就是假黑的那种,我喜欢,洗洗就可以了。遮白发也是效果不错。根据自身的发色也可以选择含有棕色的染发膏体。小刷子刷发根不要太好用。赞一个。# 亚米宝藏新品大赏 # # Happy order Happy life! #