always lonely mouth

The king of out-of-stocks that I finally grabbed!  

Just finished eatingall you can eat Come back and received a package from Yami , the first time to open, and then the first time to open this package of out-of-stock king! Actually I'm not hungry, but my mouth is lonely, and it's always been lonely because of it!

The first two replenishments, because I missed the rush to go to work, and the last time it was sold for dozens of minutes, it was gone 😭

I finally got it this time. I can't wait to open it and eat it right away. This should not be called gluttonous konjac, it should be called gluttonous konjac, the more I eat, the more greedy it gets!

I ate a packet with one bang, Weilong, please stop waving to me🤣

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刚刚吃完all you can eat 回来,收到亚米的包裹,第一时间打开,然后又是第一时间打开这包断货王!其实我不饿,只是嘴巴很寂寞,而且是为了它一直都很寂寞!