Today I'm going to push the cleanser. This milk cleanser from Thailand can make a particularly dense and delicate foam with a foaming net. It is very clean and not dry after washing. The most lovely thing is that it still has a faint sweet fragrance 😻 The most important thing about this creamy cleanser is to buy a foaming net (available from Yamibuy 😹), so that you can create more foam, so that the skin will not be pulled when you wash your face, and the cleansing power will be enough 👏🏻
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今天来推洁面产品。泰国的这个牛奶洁面乳用起泡网能打出特别绵密细腻的泡沫,洗的很干净,洗完不干,最可爱是还有股淡淡的甜香😻 这种膏状洁面乳最重要就是要买个起泡网(亚米有售😹),这样打出的泡沫才多,洗脸的时候才不会拉扯肌肤,清洁力才够👏🏻