# 2021YamiMaskfest #KoreaFHD blood orange mask has multiple functions: brightening, moisturizing, soothing, repairing and shrinking pores. It has a so-called "stay up late mask", which belongs to the first aid mask. Many people who often stay up late use it and say that it feels good to use. The texture of the mask is soft and delicate, and the fabric is breathable, similar to the texture of snp, very thin and compliant. There are a lot of essences, which can be applied not only on the face, but also on the neck. The texture of the essence is very refreshing and not sticky on the face. ps: sensitive skin, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers should be cautious This is the first time I use it, and I have used two tablets so far, and it feels good to use. The moisturizing effect is good, and long-term use hopes to have a whitening effect.
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# 2021亚米面膜节 #韩国FHD血橙面膜具有多种功效:亮白、保湿、舒缓、修护和收缩毛孔。 它有个号称叫“熬夜面膜”,属于急救面膜。很多经常熬夜的人用了都说使用感很好。 面膜质地柔软细腻、面料透气,跟snp质地差不多,极薄服帖。 精华液很多,不仅可以敷面,还可以敷脖子,精华液的质地很清爽,上脸不粘。 ps:敏感肌、孕妇、哺乳期妈妈慎入 我是第一次用,目前用过两片,使用感不错。补水效果可以,长期使用希望能起到美白作用。