❤️ Kimchi octopus balls ❤️

It's my first time publishing an article, so I'm so nervous~

I am a big fan of octopus balls,Have you come to school in the American village? So sad to eat😫😫

But it doesn't matter, I have a pair of skillful hands, as the so-called do-it-yourself, well-fed and well-dressed😁 Then I embarked on the road of homemade octopus balls~

Stop talking nonsense, and quickly strike my favorite octopus while the iron is hot🐙 Small balls to share with everyone~^_^

Tools needed: Octopus ball machine (available from Yami), egg beater, wool brush, bamboo skewer

Food Materials Required

Batter Ingredients: Flour200grams (low-gluten flour,all purpose), one egg, a little soy sauce (mainly adjust the taste of the dough, friends who like salty can put more ), appropriate amount of waterUI(about 500mlAround, it depends on the flour, but the batter won't be too mushyOK)

Octopus Feet: Cut into cubes, then cook and place in a bowl for later use

Kimchi: cut into small pieces and set aside in a bowl (available at Yami)

Oil and brush ready

Condiments needed: octopus sauce, bonito flakes, mayonnaise (all of which are available on Yami), chopped seaweed

Start the operation~

Step 1: Warm up the machine with some oil, then pour in the batter.

Step 2: Put in the octopus when the batter is almost formed into a dough🐙, Kimchi^-^

Step 3: Flip the two bamboo sticks over and over again and make it into a ball (I'm busy flipping my balls at this step and don't have time to take pictures😔) - This step is a bit laborious, friends, please be more patient~ 

Step 4: After the octopus balls are formed, brush some oil~

Step 5: Put the delicious octopus balls on a plate and add octopus sauce, mayonnaise, bonito flakes, seaweed

Dengdengdeng~ Delicious pickle octopus🐙The little balls are out~^o^

Why do I highly recommend kimchi with octopus?

The answer is: I am a big fan of kimchi+octopus balls~< /span> Hahahaha😄

In addition to kimchi being my favorite, the sour taste of kimchi is a perfect match with octopus balls~ 

To know how it tastes, please prepare the ingredients and move your little hands to open your homemade octopus🐙Let's go to the small balls~✌️✌️

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不过没关系,我有一双巧手,正所谓自己动手,丰衣足食😁 然后我就踏上了自制章鱼小丸子的道路啦啦~




面浆材料:面粉200克(低筋面粉、all purpose的都可以),鸡蛋一颗,少许生抽(主要调面皮的味道,喜欢咸的朋友可以多放点),适量水UI(大概500ml左右,这要看面粉情况,但搅和的面浆不会太糊就OK








第三步:从两根竹签不停的翻转,然后把它弄成球状 (这步我在忙着翻转我的丸子,没有时间拍照😔- 这步有点费劲,小伙伴们要多点耐心哦~ 



噔噔噔~ 美味的泡菜章鱼🐙小丸子出炉啦~~^o^


答案就是:我是泡菜+章鱼小丸子的忠实粉丝~ 哈哈哈哈😄