# 日本逛吃图鉴 # Don't miss it if you like Qingti I was hurt by Nitto matcha latte before I don't dare to try their instant drinks again. I saw this green grapefruit tea in Yami, and the evaluation was very high Decided to pluck up the courage to try again Fortunately, I was not disappointed! Still the same, there are 10 in a pack The packaging design is very reasonable, and it can be opened as soon as it is torn The white powder is very fine, and it dissolves with cold water. I poured a big glass of water and the smell was still strong It tastes like the green juice that I usually buy but not so sweet If you look closely, you will find that there are some suspended substances in it. It is a small particle similar to the pulp fiber of green grape It is also very suitable as an ice drink to relieve the heat in summer! Next time I want to drink it with green tea I believe the taste will be very harmonious If you have sparkling water at home Brewing with sparkling water would be awesome too! After this time, I have regained confidence in the brand of Nitto. I plan to try more of its instant drinks in the future!
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yami_featured_image # 日本逛吃图鉴 # 喜欢青提的千万别错过 之前被日东抹茶拿铁伤了心 不太敢再尝试它家的即溶饮料了 在亚米看到这个青提果茶评价特别高 决定鼓起勇气再尝试一次 好在没有让我失望! 还是一样一包里面有10条 包装设计很合理,一撕就开 白色的粉末很细,凉水一冲就化开了 冲了一大杯水味道还是很浓 像平时买的青提汁味道一样 但是没有那么甜 仔细看的话会发现里面还有一些悬浮物 是类似青提果肉纤维的细小颗粒 夏天作为解暑冰饮也太合适了吧! 下次想用绿茶泡着喝试试 相信味道一定也会很和谐 如果家里有气泡水的话 用气泡水冲泡肯定也超赞的! 经过这次又对日东这个牌子重拾信心了呢 以后打算尝试更多它家的即溶饮品!