# 日本逛吃图鉴 # Countless times I have seen a baby recommend this little cookie I really want to know what is the magic of it that makes it so fascinating As soon as I bought it, I understood it instantly Like someone said in the Yami comment section This cookie only has no buy and buy N packs Ben Meow has also completely entered the pit of unlimited repurchase. It tastes like whole wheat whole grains Every bite has the wonderful taste of the combination of wheat aroma and vegetable oil The fine sea salt on the surface also adds a lot of flavor Make the original sweet cookies more non-greasy It's a hard-chewing cookie Not the crispy kind, but not too tedious Every bite is delicious and crunchy Be vigilant when playing It is easy to empty a pack without noticing Alright, next time I'm going to buy five packs, that's it! It seems to have a caramel flavor, I have to try it too!
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yami_featured_image # 日本逛吃图鉴 # 无数遍看到有宝宝推荐这个小饼干 实在很想知道它究竟有什么魔力让人如此着迷 自己买来一吃就瞬间理解了 就像亚米评论区有人说的那样 这个饼干只有不买和买N包 本喵也彻底入了无限回购的坑了 吃起来很有全麦粗粮的口感 每一口都有麦香和植物油结合的美好滋味 表面上的细海盐也增加了许多风味 让原本微甜的小饼干变得更加不腻 它是嚼起来比较硬的小饼干 不是酥酥的那种 但是也不费牙 每一口都回味无穷又香脆无比 刷剧时候一定要警惕 很容易一不注意就咔哧咔哧清空一包 好了 下次我要买五包 就这么定了! 好像还有焦糖味我也要试试看!