Every day, soup, soup, noodles, noodles, and noodles, there will always be a day when I want to eat bread Stock up on torn bread at home for emergencies 🌟Brand: Panpan Group Content: 12 pieces Price: $3.59 for a large pack 🥖Special offer, got ten packs in one go 🥖Individual bag, easy to carry! When it's too late to eat breakfast, you can just grab one and throw it into your lunch bag. 🥖Select imported raw materials: balanced nutrition, nutritious and delicious double harvest! Raw materials include: fresh eggs, milk powder imported from New Zealand & ecological wheat! 🥖 The milk-flavored hand-pulled bread that I bought is soft and fragrant in layers! Tearing out the sweetness and deliciousness, tearing out the sense of satisfaction, tearing out the hunger force! 🥖Breakfast with a pack of torn bread with a glass of milk! When we were children, didn't we just like such a simple and nutritious breakfast! # 亚米返校季 #
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每天汤汤粉粉面面,也总会有想吃面包的一天 囤点手撕面包在家以备不时之需 🌟品牌:盼盼集团 含量:12枚装 价格:$3.59一大包 🥖特价活动,一口气入了十包 🥖独立袋装,携带方便!早餐来不及吃的时候,就可以随手拿一颗扔进午餐袋里。 🥖选用进口原料:均衡营养,营养美味双丰收!原材料包括:新鲜鸡蛋,新西兰进口乳粉&生态小麦! 🥖买的奶香味手撕面包,层层酥软,层层香!撕出香甜美味,撕出满足感,撕走饿势力! 🥖早餐一包手撕面包,配上一杯牛奶!儿时的我们,不就是喜欢这么简单营养的早餐吗! # 亚米返校季 #