Bolumeng products are basically delicious 😋 In view of the fact that after eating several single-sized biscuits, they are all very good. So I entered this diverse bag: 7-8 biscuits with different flavors are included, most of which are delicious. It looks very diverse last time, and the price is reasonable, $4.99/pack There are many people in the family, and as soon as the bag is opened, more than half of it is solved immediately. Eliminate the light before it expires✌️ # 亚米返校季 #
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波路梦产品基本都很好吃😋 鉴于吃过几款单一多的饼干之后,一致都觉得很赞。于是入了这款多样化的袋装:内附7-8种不一样口味的饼干,大部分都挺好吃的。 看上次十分多样化,价格也合理,$4.99/包 家里人多力量大,一开袋就立马解决了一大半。趁着过期前都给消灭光光✌️ # 亚米返校季 #