This is a sparkling drink from Japan 🇯🇵SKAL This is a lactic acid carbonated drink with hand-picked white peaches This is my favorite peach 🍑 flavored drink 🔖 Yami price: $2.39/bottle 🔖 Net content: 500ml 🔖 Calories: 120/bottle ❣️It smells a light fragrance; ❣️Yan is a leisurely milky white; ❣️The taste is sweet and sour yogurt; 🔖This drink hits my heart ❤️ It fully integrates my favorite yogurt with carbonic acid, without any sense of disobedience! There is no pungent carbonated bubble smell, and a bit more sweet and sour lactic acid bacteria, I like it! 🔖 After taking a few sips, most of the bottle was snatched away by the child! The drink is added with 1% fruit juice 🍹 The calories of the whole bottle are smaller than the cola & milk tea you drink on weekdays, so adults and children can drink it with confidence! 🔖Drinking and drinking, only to find that the bottle mouth has an expiration date! Silly, I always think that drinks will not expire, it is recommended to buy and drink! # 亚米返校季 #
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这是一款来自日本🇯🇵SKAL出品的气泡饮品 这是一款手摘精选白桃的乳酸碳酸饮料 这是一款我爱的蜜桃🍑口味饮料 🔖 亚米价:$2.39/瓶 🔖 净含量:500毫升 🔖 卡路里:120/瓶 ❣️闻着是淡淡的清香; ❣️颜是悠然的乳白色; ❣️味是甜酸的优酸乳; 🔖这款饮料直击我心❤️将我喜欢的优酸乳跟碳酸充分的融为一体,毫无违和感!既没有刺鼻的碳酸气泡味,又多了几分乳酸菌的酸甜味,我喜欢! 🔖才小眯了几口,大半瓶就被孩子抢走了!饮料添加了1%果汁🍹整瓶的卡路里小于平日里喝的可乐&奶茶,大人孩子都可以放心饮用! 🔖喝着喝着,才发现瓶口有注明保质期!傻傻的我总觉得饮料都是不会过期的,建议买入就饮用! # 亚米返校季 #