The first time to buy the small boss seaweed take the first bite I regret not knowing this brand sooner Really delicious! 😋 One after another, "little bosses" who bought different packaging Given that three different models have been tried So let's share the [big collection] and share the goods🤗 Company: 🇹🇭Tao Kae Noi Little Boss 🍘Classic Grilled Seaweed Roll 🍘 The most popular 🔥 in the circle of friends is this seaweed roll! Individual 9-packs for $2.99/box! Love this grilled nori. Thick nori rolls are crispy! One bite, "Skr Skr" is crunchy! The first choice for daily kids snacks 💁‍♀️10 calories per stick! 🍘Seaweed Tempura🍘 This is the first time I have eaten such a special seaweed. Crispy seaweed on one side and deep-fried tempura on the other. A bit of potato chip taste, full of pepper flavor! "Crack Kacha", full of crispness! One slice after another, the rhythm of eating can't stop 🍘Seaweed Potato Rolls🍘 Independent six in a box! It should be a potato roll derived from the classic seaweed roll 🥔 The potato is perfectly rolled in the middle of the seaweed, which has the fullness of the potato without losing the crispness of the seaweed! It's just a little salty, and I drank a lot of water after eating too much. Every meal is unforgettable! ! ! Check YAMI Yami all out of stock, hurry up to set an alarm⏰ # 亚米返校季#
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yami_featured_image 第一次购入小老板海苔 吃上第一口 就后悔没有早点认识这个牌子 真的好好吃呢!😋 陆陆续续了购入不同包装的“小老板” 鉴于已经尝试过三种不同款 所以来份【大合集】晒货分享一下🤗 公司:🇹🇭Tao Kae Noi 小老板 🍘经典烤海苔卷🍘 在朋友圈最火爆🔥的当属这款海苔卷啦!独立9条装,售价$2.99/盒!喜欢这种烤制的紫菜。海苔厚卷,口感酥脆!一口咬下,“Skr Skr”脆爽脆爽的!日常孩子零食的首选💁‍♀️每支10卡路里! 🍘海苔天妇罗🍘 第一次吃到这么特别的海苔。一边是酥酥的紫菜,一边是油炸的天妇罗。有点薯片的口感,满满的胡椒粉味!“咔嚓卡嚓”,酥脆感十足!一片接着一片,吃起来就停不下的节奏 🍘海苔马铃薯卷🍘 独立六根装一盒!应该是由经典紫菜卷衍生而来的马铃薯卷🥔将马铃薯完美的卷在海苔中间,既有马铃薯的饱满感,又不失海苔的酥脆感!就是有点咸口,吃多了得大口大口喝水。 每一款吃完都回味无穷!!! 一查YAMI 亚米 全部断货ing,赶紧设置闹铃⏰ # 亚米返校季 #