Li Ziqi's soy milk powder is often repurchased, and it has a variety of flavors and is very convenient for breakfast. Today, I drank the flavor of pumpkin and mango, and it came out with pink color. Sprinkle some sweet-scented osmanthus is super beautiful. When brewing, use warm water to stir, otherwise it will be easy to dissolve and have small lumps. Colorful auspicious clouds and cranes are packaged in retro Chinese style, which is also very suitable for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. # 2021赏月计划 # # 亚米返校季 #
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李子柒的豆浆粉经常回购,味道多样,做早餐很方便。今天喝了南瓜芒果味道,冲出来颜色粉粉的,撒点桂花超级好看。 冲泡的时候要用温水搅拌,不然容易化不开有小疙瘩。 七彩祥云仙鹤包装中式复古,和即将到来的中秋节也很搭配。 # 2021赏月计划 # # 亚米返校季 #