I saw that many people recommended this Youchen meat muffins to be delicious, so I couldn't help but buy them. I bought 3 boxes in one go, since everyone said it was delicious, it must be delicious! It didn't disappoint me, it's really delicious! The filling is full of meat floss, the skin is very thin, and the meat floss filling in almost every cake is full so that you can see it at a glance. There are 15 individual packs in a box, and the packed box looks particularly solid because there are no plastic shelves to take up space. I like to eat it for breakfast in the morning. I eat one or two a day. I don’t need to worry about the calorie problem if the quantity is small. The calories from breakfast can be consumed all day long. This is really delicious. I have already repurchased it. Yuchen Original Breakfast Cake 500g Bake in a small oven for a few minutes, the skin will be more crispy, that's what I do, haha. The round meat muffins are also very similar to the round moon cakes, haha! # 亚米返校季 # # 2021赏月计划 #
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看好多人推荐这款友臣肉松饼好吃,也就忍不住买了。我一口气买了3盒,既然大家都说好吃,那一定好吃啦! 果然没有让我失望,真的是特别香呢!内馅儿满满的全是肉松,皮很薄,几乎每个饼里的肉松馅儿都满出来让你能一眼看见了。 一盒里面15个独立包装,挤得满满一盒看起来特别实在,因为没有任何塑料架子占空间。 我喜欢早上当早餐吃,每天吃一个或者两个,数量不多就不需要担心热量卡路里问题啦,早餐的卡路里可以用一整天来消耗哦,这个真是好吃,我已经回购了。 友臣 原味早餐饼 500g 用小烤箱烤几分钟,皮会更酥哦,我就是这样做的,哈哈。 圆圆的肉松饼也很像圆圆的月饼哦,哈哈! # 亚米返校季 # # 2021赏月计划 #