I started eating the snacks as soon as they arrived... After a few days, I remembered to post the list 🤣🤣... This time I bought a few of my favorite food and bought all the flavors of little sister Zhang Junya (yes, several packs are now sold out) Lying in my stomach) I feel the most unpleasant seaweed flavor so far. It has a mysterious corn flavor and is sweet (why does a seaweed flavor have the taste of corn!) The most delicious is the hot spicy taste. The feeling of snacks in the canteen across from the primary school... Maocai personally feels delicious, so this time I repurchased it, adding potatoes, spinach, luncheon meat and noodles to it. It's great to eat several meals 😆😆
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零食一到就开吃了…吃了几天才想起来晒单🤣🤣…这回买了几个自己平时爱吃的 又把张君雅小妹妹所有口味都买了个遍(没错好几包现在已经躺在我肚子里了)吃到目前感觉海苔味的最难吃 有种迷之玉米味而且还偏甜(为什么一个海苔味会有玉米的味道!)最好吃的是hot spicy的味道 有种小学对面小卖部零食的感觉…冒菜个人感觉很好吃 所以这回又回购了 往里加土豆菠菜午餐肉和面条 能吃好几顿 非常棒😆😆