# 秋天第一个开箱 ## 2021赏月计划 # Autumn is in full swing🍁, the happiest thing is to open the box😄 keen to buy all kinds of snacks and instant food! Yuantong's egg yolk pastry must buy more while it's on sale, I'll be happy if you can eat it 🥳! Carlo Karman's soy custard omelette is also in love 😁 The crispy egg is rich in flavor! Baman's Crispy Bone Sour Soup Noodle is even more 🉐️, sour and spicy, very appetizing... angry, cute, cute, zero sugar, zero calorie, zero fat, delicious and healthy👍 I love each one! Who let me into the yami poisoning has been deep 😜😜😜😱😱😱 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone🥮🥮
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yami_featured_image # 秋天第一个开箱 ## 2021赏月计划 # 秋意正浓🍁,最开心的就是开箱啦😄热衷于买各种茶点心还有速食品! 元童的蛋黄酥趁着打折必须多买点,能吃到就开心🥳!卡罗卡曼的豆乳蛋卷也是爱得不行😁口口酥脆蛋香味浓郁!霸蛮的脆骨酸汤粉更是了🉐️,又酸又辣的十分开胃啦…生气啵啵可可爱爱零糖零卡零脂肪,好喝又健康👍 每一款我都很爱啦!谁让我入炕亚米中毒已深😜😜😜😱😱😱大家中秋佳节快乐吖🥮🥮