# 秋天第一个开箱 # I heard that the deity of food sold in Japan It should be exactly the same as the picture on the outer packaging Otherwise, you can ask the merchant for a refund Let's be naughty too Haha it's not bad This is a seasonal Shredded coconut is most afraid of meeting dry and old ones eat a mouthful of scum Or stuck in the throat and itchy The pocky coconut is full of fragrance and the shredded coconut is very crispy and tender Mixed with smooth chocolate Crunchy slightly salty cookies Salty, sweet, fragrant, crunchy, so delicious It's my favorite pocky I've eaten in years. # 零食控 #
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yami_featured_image # 秋天第一个开箱 # 听说日本卖的食物本尊 要和外包装的照片一摸一样 否则可以和商家要求退款 我们也来淘气一下下 哈哈 果然分毫不差 这是一款季节限定 椰子丝最怕遇到干和老的 吃得满口渣渣 又或是卡在喉咙上痒痒的 pocky 椰香味十足 椰丝非常脆嫩 混合着润滑的巧克力 脆脆的略带咸味的饼干 咸、甜、香、脆 太好吃了 是这些年吃过最喜欢的pocky了 # 零食控 #