# 2021赏月计划 ## 秋天第一个开箱 #好物Recommendation ❤️Yami Mid-Autumn Festival unboxing the first bullet 👉 Recently, I have placed seven or eight orders from Yami, and my home is full of snacks. This time, dm and Yami co-branded a 3.5% off spike a while ago. Now let's take a look at what good things I bought! 👏 Repurchase list recommendation ✨Jizhu Dafu Baked Cold Noodles This grilled cold noodles has been repurchased many times. It is easy to operate and restores the deliciousness of the stall in minutes. It is very delicious and 100% recommended! ✨Panpan torn bread This is the second time I've bought it. This bread is neither soft nor hard, chewy, sweet and tasteless. It's very good for breakfast, and it's cheap in large quantities! ✨ miss hot dry noodles This is the third time I bought this hot dry noodles. The first time I ate it, it was amazing. The sesame sauce was very fragrant and the noodles tasted good. The second time may be that the quality of the batch is average, not as good as the first time. It has not been opened this time. I hope I can return to the quality of the first time I eat‼ ️ 💓New product delivery ✨Wugu Mill High Fiber Konjac Meal Replacement Purple Potato Flavor Recently, healthy eating has become popular, and I have followed the trend into this konjac meal replacement purple potato porridge. At present, I have drank it two or three times. In addition to konjac flour, there are many nuts and cereals in it, and the taste is ok. ✨Gonghe Agricultural Products Organic Lycium barbarum This is the first time I bought it. The price is quite expensive, close to ten dollars, but the quality is not as good as I imagined. The wolfberry has adhesions and some discoloration, but it is packaged with a cable, which is quite convenient to use. ✨Crayon Shinchan Chocolate Candy Looking at the online packaging is very beautiful, the real thing is very small, the sugar is not delicious or good-looking, see lightning protection! There are still a lot of new products, so please give feedback to the babies later!
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yami_featured_image # 2021赏月计划 ## 秋天第一个开箱 #好物推荐❤️亚米中秋节开箱第一弹👉 最近陆续从亚米下了七八单,家里零食堆得满满了,这次是前阵子dm和亚米联名3.5折秒杀买的一波,现在一起看看我都买了哪些好物吧! 👏回购清单推荐 ✨吉朱大福烤冷面 这个烤冷面已经回购过好多次了,操作简单,分分钟还原地摊美味,非常好吃,百分百推荐! ✨盼盼手撕面包 这是第二次买,它家这款面包不软不硬,有嚼头,带甜味没杂味,当早餐吃非常不错,量大还便宜! ✨想念热干面 这款热干面是第三次买了,第一次吃特别惊艳,芝麻酱非常香,面条口感也好,第二次可能那批品质一般,没有第一次的好吃,这次还没开吃希望能回到第一次吃的品质‼️ 💓新品速递 ✨五谷磨坊高纤魔芋代餐紫薯味 最近流行健康饮食,跟风入了这款魔芋代餐紫薯粥。目前喝了两三次,里面除了魔芋粉还有不少坚果、麦片,味道还行。 ✨功合农产有机枸杞 这个是第一次买,价格蛮贵的,接近十美金,但品质不如我想象的好,枸杞有粘连也有个别变色的,不过有拉索包装,用起来还算方便。 ✨蜡笔小新巧克力糖果 看网上包装挺好看的,实物到手特别迷你,糖不好吃也不好看,看到避雷吧! 还有不少新货,之后再给宝宝们反馈测评吧!