Everyone knows... I can't cook... 😂 They are all fast and fat-reducing meals. I eat very light meals. I don’t add salt if I can, and if I can add less seasoning, I add less seasoning. I eat some carbs in the morning because I've tried American breakfast and I'm not hungry, and I'm going to be in a bad mood. Therefore, it is mainly based on my own daily routine and physical condition. I belong to people who do not eat rice for dinner, but try to control the amount of rice as much as possible. 1⃣️ Fat-reducing meal: "Sandwich stuffing" made by myself in the morning 📝 Practice: A 120g king oyster mushroom + 6 shrimps + garlic + spring onion + half a pepper 2 slices of whole-wheat bread (180 calories) night... Half a five fuys 🍔 (I know... um....) 2⃣️ Fat-reducing meals: breakfast: Roasted sweet potato 122g + coffee + yogurt (120 calories) Dinner - make ahead.... Garlic Kale + Rice 📝 Practice: kale in hot water 1 tablespoon each of oyster sauce and soy sauce, mix with water Stir-fry in garlic oil, then add the blended ingredients, and pour it directly onto the kale after it becomes slightly viscous. 3⃣️ Fat-reducing meals: Celery morning and night morning: Celery Carrot Egg Cake 📝 Practice: 3 eggs, diced celery, diced carrot, chopped green onion, 1 spoon of flour, mix well, + salt + pepper (I only added pepper), brush oil on the pan, pancakes. One serving is for two days' breakfast Salad with celery leaves 📝 Method: put celery leaves in water, cook the fungus, add minced garlic, add a spoonful of oyster sauce, a spoonful of soy sauce, and a spoonful of sesame oil night: Stir-fried Chicken Breast with Celery + Rice practice: 📝 Dice the chicken breast, you can add starch, cooking wine, salt, and fry it first with a garlic frying pan. Then add celery, stir fry over high heat, and everything is fine. In the next few days, it will be changed back and forth haha~ # 独家懒人快手菜谱 # # 懒人早餐 #
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众所周知... 我不会做饭... 😂 都是一些快手的减脂餐,我吃的很清淡,能不放盐就不放盐,能少放调味就少放调味,以快捷清淡为主.... 我早晨会吃一些碳水,因为试过美式早餐,不抗饿,而且我心情会变的很差。所以是根据自己的生活作息和身体情况为主的. 我晚饭属于不吃米饭会shi星人,但尽量控制米饭的量。 1⃣️减脂餐: 早晨自己做的”三明治馅儿” 📝做法: 一颗120g杏鲍菇+6只虾+蒜+元葱+半个辣椒 两片全麦面包(180卡路里) 晚上... 半个five fuys🍔(我知道... 嗯....) 2⃣️减脂餐: 早餐: 烤红薯122g+咖啡+酸奶(120卡) 晚餐-提前做好.... 蒜蓉芥兰 + 米饭 📝做法: 用热水抄芥兰 蚝油、生抽各一勺,兑水调和 蒜油炒,然后加入调和的料,待稍微粘稠一点,直接浇到芥兰上。 3⃣️减脂餐: 早晚都是芹菜 早晨: 芹菜胡萝卜鸡蛋饼 📝做法: 3只鸡蛋,芹菜切碎丁,胡萝卜碎丁,葱花,1勺面粉,混合好,+盐+胡椒粉(我只加了胡椒粉),锅上刷油,烙饼。 做出来的一份,是两天的早餐份量 凉拌芹菜叶 📝做法:芹菜叶过水,木耳煮熟,加蒜末,加一勺蚝油,一勺生抽,一小勺香油 晚上: 芹菜炒鸡胸肉 + 米饭 做法: 📝鸡胸肉切丁,可以加淀粉,料酒,盐,用蒜爆锅先炒熟。然后加芹菜,大火炒,万事大吉。 后面几天就是来回换了 哈哈~ # 独家懒人快手菜谱 # # 懒人早餐 #