Although I am not a fan of Xiao Zhan, I am definitely a fan of Xiao Zhan 😆😆 Because its self-heating rice is really good selection of ingredients➕ tastes good, I am by no means blindly buying it because of the star effect. This Sanxian Braised Sixi is different from its other flavors, it is a light but not bland route. Inside the package 🈶️a bag of pearl rice with oval rice grains, a bag of three fresh stewed four hi, a bag of green crispy vegetables, and a bag of appetizers. The operation is simple, put the rice on the side of the plate with the standard rice, then pour the green crispy vegetables bag, add the water to the water line, and put the three fresh stewed four hi seasoning bag on the other side of the plate. Put the heating pack in the big black bowl, pour cold water to the water line, put on the plate with the prepared ingredients, cover the lid and wait for it to heat up and cook for 15 minutes. … As soon as the time ⌚️ is up, the smoke is finished and you can start it😋 I put the appetizer packets on the rice, and eat the food with one bite of rice, fragrant! The quality of the ingredients is still good. The bamboo shoots and kelp slices are refreshing and not slag, the mushroom slices are smooth, the meatballs are tender and chewy, and the pork belly is not tough and has a crunchy texture. It will not affect the quality of the ingredients in all aspects because it is in the form of fast food. This bowl of soup is simply amazing, light but not bland, and the taste is fragrant but not greasy. The soup is mixed with rice, it's super good, I ate the last drop without leaking it😋 Although it does not have the spicy flavor of boiled beef, nor the fragrant sausage of claypot rice, Zhe San Xian Braised Si Xi brings out the umami taste in a plain way, and eats a warm and mellow taste. I do not recommend this and do not like spicy food taste rich friends to try 👍🏻 # 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 即食美味 # # 统一开小灶 #
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虽然我不是肖战的粉,但我绝对是开小灶的粉😆😆因为它家的自热米饭实在是选料佳➕味道好,我绝不是因明星效应而盲目购买的噢。这款三鲜烩四喜有别于它另外几种口味,它是走清而不淡的路线。 包装里面🈶️一包米粒椭圆的珍珠米,三鲜烩四喜的料包,一包青脆什蔬包,和一包开胃小菜包。操作简单,把米饭放进盘子标准为米饭的一侧再倒上青脆什蔬包后加入食水到注水线,盘子另一边放进三鲜烩四喜的料包。大黑碗里放进发热包后倒入凉水到注水线后,放上准备好食材的盘子,盖上盖子等它发热自煮个15分钟。… 时间⌚️一到,烟冒完了,就可以开动了😋 我把开胃小菜包放到米饭上,一口餸菜一口饭,香!这食材的品质依然是好,笋片和海带片咬起来清爽不起渣,香菇片爽滑,肉丸的肉质嫩滑带点劲道,猪肚吃起来不韧还带点脆脆的口感,不会因为是速食的形式而影响食材在各方面的品质。它这碗汤汁简直是一绝,清而不淡,味道很香但没有腻的味道。汤汁拌着饭吃,超级下饭,我吃到最后一滴不漏吖😋 虽然它没有水煮牛肉的香辣风味,也没有煲仔饭的香郁腊味,但着三鲜烩四喜却在平淡出带出了鲜味,吃出来一种温醇的滋味。我很推荐这款不吃辣又不太喜欢浓郁口味的朋友们尝试一下👍🏻# 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 即食美味 # # 统一开小灶 #