D-PLUS Natural Yeast Pack is the bread that I have repurchased countless times. Individually packaged, a large amount is enough for breakfast. In the past, I bought the Japanese version, and I have tasted almost every flavor. Among them, the red bean stuffing is my favorite, because it really has stuffing in it. When I first tasted it, I was very surprised. This time I saw a Thai limited edition yeast pack, I checked and found it was the same brand. I chose two flavors of orange and purple taro: 🍞 orange As soon as you open the package, you can smell the oranges. Of course, the oranges here are definitely not the same as fresh oranges. 🍞Purple Taro Like the Japanese version, a strong alcohol smell came out after opening the package, but I didn't taste any taro. These two are as soft and fluffy as the Japanese tastes I ate before. The discounted price is the same as the original price of the Japanese version. In addition, the Thailand limited edition also has caramel flavor and chocolate sandwich flavor. Interested friends, go and try it 😁 # 为所爱 放肆嗨 #
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D-PLUS天然酵母包是我回购无数次的面包了, 独立包装,量大,当早餐一个足矣。 以往买的是日本版的,几乎每种口味都品尝过了,其中最爱的是红豆馅的,因为里面真的有馅,第一次吃到的时候超级意外。 这次看到有泰国限定版的酵母包, 一查发现是同一个牌子的。 选了香橙和紫芋两种口味: 🍞香橙 一打开包装就可以闻到橙子的味道,当然这里的橙子味肯定和新鲜橙子的不一样。 🍞紫芋 和日版的一样,打开包装一阵浓郁的酒精味扑鼻而来,但没有吃出任何芋头的味道。 这两种和之前吃的日本的口感一样松软, 折后价和日版的原价一样。 另外泰国限定版还有焦糖风味和巧克力夹心口味, 感兴趣的小伙伴快去尝尝鲜呀😁 # 为所爱 放肆嗨 #