The first bullet of the Drinking Evaluation Center (BESTORE)

Hello everyone, I'm an alcoholic, welcome to my drinking test center, good or bad, all depends on my taste.

Today's review welcomes four beauties from 良品鋪子.

The first beauty is Brown Sugar Siwu, this beauty is from the daughter country, and she has four different styles in her body, which is very hot.

Comment: I only tried the rose flavor for the time being. The brown sugar brick is very slow to dissolve. I estimate that it took three to four minutes to wait for it to dissolve. After it dissolves, you can watch it. A piece of rose petals, the overall taste is not bad, the drink is not sweet, praise.

The second beauty is glutinous rice crockpot, this beauty comes from the country of chili peppers, and has a spicy flavor.

Comment: Generally speaking, it is not spicy, the glutinous rice crockpot is quite fragrant, and it is not too hard.

The third beauty is Guodanpi. This beauty comes from the country of hawthorn trees. It is said that she is Zhou Dongyu's younger sister. She smiles extremely sweetly.

Evaluation: I will repurchase this infinitely! Guotan skin is really delicious, sweet and sour is very good! And one bag is plenty.

The fourth beauty is Mini Huamei. This beauty is a mixed-race child of the country of Qimeizi. Although she is petite, she has a plum fragrance.

Comment: Because I have eaten Plum for many years, I have high requirements for talking to Plum. This is not my favorite flavor, but Plum is not bad. The advantage is that it has no core, so it is very easy to eat. Convenient, not too sour and sweet, people who prefer sweet-speaking plums should like it.

Due to the equipment, today's evaluation video was shut down several times, and it was finally successfully recorded!

And today's drinking review will come to an end. Thank you for watching. If you like it, please give me a like. You are also welcome to use the tagGo and make a purchase! The beauties are waiting for you to pamper you! ❤️

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