The Queen's [Fake] Unification Tournament

The queen has nothing to do.Also come to a [unification 方便面 competition -]🎋

The unified brand is familiar to everyone, so I will omit the 10,000-word introduction here

Every time laziness breaks out.Start playing the idea of 方便面 .

Today I decided to favor [Unity] but.....

How about Laotan sauerkrautORbraised beef?

💜First unifiedsizeReally big ~ Laotan Pickled Cabbage Beef Noodles

The most classic is the sauerkraut in the old altar (how do I feel like saying it means not saying it?🙄🙄)

💜Look at the color of this noodle soup.At first glance, you can tell that it is sour and fragrant.And this noodles are white and tender . Chewy! The queen's first sip is always the soup first.Then: yum, go ahead and dry the noodles! (No time to take pictures during this period📷)

❤️First of all, the portion of unified braised beef noodles is so big (it seems to have said this).But it's really big~)

❤️Braised beef noodle soup base looks red though.But don't be afraid.Not that chili rush.hinFragrant.adjectives that come to mind : mildly spicy, braised, fragrant flavor.Delicious 👍So those who don’t like spicy food can alsohold !

💜❤️Unexpectedly, the end is over. p>

The Queen prefers sauerkraut in Laotan.Because women are jealous.

But my king loves braised beef.

Say Braised Beef Noodles sounds betterman

So...So it's a draw

🐦......................... The story is not over..

ps: Take it with you when traveling1-2Box 方便面, in case you are hungry at night and don’t want to go out to eat, the 方便面 is really not on the table. "s1">That's when they come in handy.

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